Japan General Manager - Business Development Director - Kim Christian Botho Pedersen

Probably your best ally
accessing, developing and expanding
your business on the Japanese market

Core Competences - Problem solving - Japan General Manager Business development director - Kim Christian Botho Pedersen

Our customer says:

• “There is no doubt that Kim Pedersen will be able to operate any other product forward with great success in Japan”
Migita – Manager/NTC

• “Thanks to Kim’s work […] we were able to establish contacts with major Japanese construction companies and later we got a good working relationship with and actual reference on the Japanese market, including Japan’s tallest skyscraper.”
Dr. Imad Mualla, CTO, damptech A/S, Denmark

• “His unique personality made Japanese trust him from day one… He was instantly liked by everyone.”
Katsuya Itoh, Senior Marketing Manager, The Danish Agricultural Council Japan Office, 1989-2003

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Choose us, if you want faster access to the Japanese market, higher sales, less claims, develop the market and understand the market better

Choose us, if you want:

• faster access to the Japanese market
• higher sales in Japan
• less claims
• a continuously developing market and higher share
• a better understanding of the Japanese market
Market entry Japan - Japan Expert EU

Our services include:

• Market entry
• Market Expansion
• Claim handling
• Networking
• Introductions
• Event handling (exhibition etc)
• Product analysis
• Competitor analysis
• Market analysis
• Distribution analysis
• Communication
• and much more
Core competences - Breakthrough Business Development

Our main references:

• Access our reference list her

Contains references within:

• Building industry
• Food industry
• Furniture & Interior
• Technical products
• Patents
• Other